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Content of Issue No. 10

Summary: Page
Editorial column: Natalia Zhilkina 3
News 5
Person of the Issue: Olga Ponomareva 6-11
Comprehensive testing of a data center engineering infrastructure 12-18
From professionals' experience and practice to national test standards 19
Testing of a data center power system 20-23
Testing of a dynamic uninterruptible power supply. Tests at the EURO-DIESEL's factory 26-27
Testing of a precision climate control systems: Stulz's test center 24-25
How to test the heat load of a new data center correctly? 28-31
Comprehensive, factory and storage testing of a data center physical infrastructure 32-37
Data center: Preflight preparation 37
Russian DCs need domestic standards 38-40
Commercial data centers in the Moscow region: aggregate supply 42-43
"Lomonosov" supercomputer: how to accelerate the computing cycle 41
Data centers in crisis. Time for new opportunities 44-45
The practice of server decommissioning: what to do? 46-49
Is there a need in joining a SRO for data center maintenance? 50-53
Where to did the data center leave? 54-57
Immersion cooling technology 58-61
Questions to an expert: Sergey Belik 62-64
Accidents in various data centers throughout the world 65-69
A traveler's notes 70-73
The world's largest data centers 74-76