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Content of Issue No. 11

Summary: Page
Editor's Note: Natalia Zhilkina
Person of the Issue: Fedor Klimenko 8-13
Data Center Engineering Infrastructure: Made in Russia 14-17
Production in Russia: What Needs to be Done? 19-21
Phaseout of Imports: Domestic Cuisine Menu 21
Igor Glukhov: The Sanctions Made us Stronger 22-23
KLM Busbars 25
Data Center Cabinets by CMO 26
Sales Automation in Relation to Cloud Infrastructure and Applications: I Came, I Saw, I Got 27-28
Refrigeration and Climatic Equipment Thermocool 27
Ranking of Russian Commercial Data Centers 30-31
EU Fiscal and Regulatory Policy in Relation to the Data Center Industry 32-33
Lomonosov-2 Supercomputer: Focus on Accelerating the Calculation Cycle 34-41
Choosing a Designer: between Scylla and Charybdis 42-44
Building a Data Center: Tips by a Customer 46-47
RiMatrix Reduces Operating Costs 48-49
Comprehensiveness as a Professional Approach to Building a Data Center 50-51
Working Tactics During Crisis 52-53
Engineering Academy: Adiabatic Cooling 54-57
Design: Updating a Data Center Power Supply System 58-67
Russian Data is for Russian DCs 66-71
Asking an Expert: Dennis Khamitov 71-73
The Largest Data Center Operators: Yandex 74-80