Archive » Issue No 13, November 2015 » Data Center Emergency: Statistics is a Stubborn Thing

Data Center Emergency: Statistics is a Stubborn Thing

Most of the incidents that are usually talked about happen in the public data centers. But there are a few data centers of this kind in our country the vast majority of facilities is owned by the corporate customers or government agencies. It's not customary to discuss emergencies: in case of a data center owner it can lead to losing a positive corporate image, while in case of a contractor it will be a stain on the reputation. The analysis of failure causes would be a constructive way to improve the overall reliability of the local data centers making up this large market segment. The article gives some illustrations of practical experience, mainly - corrections of someone else's mistakes. The detailed info on facilities and incidents was modified, possible coincidences are accidental, but all the cause and effect relations are true to fact.



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