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Content of Issue No. 2

Summary: Page
Editorial column 3
News 6
Cover person: Sergey Lisakov 8
Cover story: Dynamic UPS systems 14
Data center photo tour: 'Selektel' DC network's regional computing center 22
Designing a data center: A backup corporate data center in three stages (100 kW each) 28
Designing a data center: Organizing data center construction process: practical notes 34
Questions to an expert: Questions answered by Alexander Lasy 40
Analytical review: On the development of aggregate supply on the Moscow market of commercial DCs in 2012-2013 42
Data center construction know-hows: Data center design - getting started. Part I (15 basic rules and practical aspects of selecting solutions) 44
Special section: Sergey Kiselev. MSK-IX: results of 2012 and plans for 2013 52
Facebook's network of distributed data centers 56
Q&A Session: With Peter Lin Kate Uang, chief DC architect at Delta Electronics, Inc. 61
Trends: Fuel cells - a cautious start? 62