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Content of Issue No. 3

Summary: Page
Editorial column 3
Russian news 6
Western news 8
Person of the Issue: Alexander Anosov 10
Cover story: Special aspects of air conditioning systems operation in the summer time 18
Data center photo tour: Energy-efficient data center StoreData_ECO 22
Designing a data center: Corporate TIER III data center in two phases (450 kW each) 28
Questions to an expert: Questions answered by Andres Bucci 38
Analytical review: Commercial and institutional data centers of the Russian Federation: Who takes the tops, and who takes the roots of the "crops"?
Data center construction know-hows: Data center design - getting started. Part II (15 basic rules and practical aspects of selecting solutions) 50
Q&A Session: With David Snelling, a senior research associate at Fujitsu's European Laboratory and The Green Grid member 55
Special section: International network of carrier-neutral data centers DataHouse 56
Green data centers by Apple a pragmatic creativity 58