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Content of Issue No. 5

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Natalia Zhilkina: Creating a data center - art or craft? 3
Russian news 5
Sergei Vinogradov: Professional path and working routine 6
Graph analytics 12
Cover story: Alexander Korsun, Mobile? Container? Modular! 15
Guy Wilner: A farewell to arms! 18
Denis Belyaev, Artem Huramshin: Evaluation criteria for modular data centers 22
Alexander Perevedentsev: data center via a catalog 26
Alexander Korsunsky: Does the St. Petersburg region's market of commercial DCs show signs of stagnation? 30
Data center photo tour: DataPro starts with Tver 34
Designing a data center: Discussing a DC modernization project with market experts 40
Vladimir Mileev. Content delivery: New principles 46
Natalia Zhilkina: From chaos to order 48
The market's opinion. Commercial data centers: urban and regional 50
Dmitry Marinichev: On national standards for the data center industry 54
Domestic standards for the data center industry: the first step has been taken 56