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Content of Issue No. 6

Summary: Page
Natalia Zhilkina: Data center operation: Achilles' heel
Person of the Issue: Alexei Soldatov We had no time to rest 5-10
Industry trends: graph analytics 11-12
Cover story: Anatomy of some processes covered by operating model for DC's physical infrastructure 13-19
Data center operation: people and processes 21
Cover story: Maintenance of GUPS system. A healthy data center without much hassle 22-25
Cover story: Data center salary: accrual basis of accounting 26-28
Sitting room: Guy Wilner. The retinue plays the king 29
Data center photo tour: MIRAN-2: from the classics to the modular principle 30-35
Analytical review: Commercial DC market of the Moscow region: evolution dynamics, trends and prospects 36-39
Designing a data center: Discussing a DC consolidation project with market experts 40-51
Strategy: DC hardware: a paradigm shift 52-55
Strategy: DC outsourcing: waiting too long 56-59
Questions to an expert: Answered by Sergey Belikov 60-62