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Content of Issue No. 7

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Natalia Zhilkina: Do not give in to a brand's magic 3
Russian news 6-7
Person of the Issue: Andrey Pavlov: The market should play by rules 8-13
Data centers of the world: Seven wonders of the data center market 14-18
Cover story: Freedom or an aware need for free cooling 20-25
Cover story: Intelligent climate control concept for data centers 26-27
Cover story: "Porsche" on the data centers market 28-31
Cover story: Installation use-case How did a Sun Black Box became a black box 32-34
Cover story: Container data center : A simple solution to a complex problem 36-37
Analytical review: Niche for container 38-41
Sitting room: Guy Wilner 41
Designing a data center: designing a fire suppression system 42-49
Questions to an expert: Answered by Alexey Nikishin 50-52
Data center construction know-hows in relation to a DC project of ChelyabinskEnergoSbyt 53
Data center operation: Combat training in a data center 54-58
Data center operation: maintenance of air conditioners: work in combat conditions 59-62