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Content of Issue No. 8

Summary: Page
Natalia Zhilkina: Don't try to fit in your dimension 3
Russian news 5
Person of the Issue: Ilya Khala 6-11
Industry trends 12-13
Industry standardization 14-21
UK recognizes commercial DCs to be an individual industry 22-24
Standard Data centers. Engineering infrastructure. Operational model. Specification: introducing the concept and structure 26-31
Standardization of data centers: reliability and efficiency in a standard format 32-33
On the question of cloud standards 34-36
Guy Wilner: Not by certificate alone 38
Analytics: A data center for a cloud 39-41
DataHouse's DC helps to design websites 42-43
On the interconnection of design errors and operating processes 44-47
Designing a data center: video surveillance system 48-54
Questions to an expert: Mikhail Filippov, CTO at GreenMDC 55-57
European bureaucracy in charge of technological progress 58-61
Marginal notes: Is there a need for a special shooting-ground in the data center industry 62