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Content of Issue No. 9

Summary: Page
Natalia Zhilkina: How to graze a herd of cats? 3
News: Stockholm syndrome 5
Person of the Issue: Evgeny Bogdanchikov 6-11
DC staff training: what does the market want? 12-18
The shortage of personnel in the data center industry: who is to blame and what to do? 20-24
Learning difficulties 26-29
For not making it excruciatingly painful 30-33
Guy Wilner: A team without borders 19
DC IXcellerate Moscow One: face-to-client 34-39
The development of the data center market in Russia and CIS countries: a survey by DCD Global Census 2014 40-43
With DataHouse business has become global 44-45
Infrastructure to meet with business 46-47
Climate in the data center: a miser pays twice 48-49
Questions to an expert 76-78
Managing a data center consolidation project 50-56
Moving from one data center to another - half a fire or a skills improvement? 68-70
A DC where people work 71-73
Incentives for the data centers market: a dialogue with the industry 62-63
DCExpedition Scandinavia Tour 2014: travel notes by a wandering technocrat 64-67
A female face of the data center industry 74-75
Data centers: performance indicators, their features and applications 57-61