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Content of Issue No. 1

Summary: Page
Editorial column 3
Russian news 6
World news 8
Cover person: Sergey Shurshalin 10
Data center construction know-hows: Experience in rapid construction of a mini data center 16
Data center photo tour: Data Center 'Compressor' 22
Analytical review: Development of aggregate supply on the Russian market of highly reliable commercial data centers 30
The world's largest data center operators: A world-wide network of distributed data centers - the heart of GOOGLE's empire 36
Designing a data center: Discussing a corporate DC project with market experts 42
Q&A Session: Greg Sherry, Director of the European Region at BESSI Association 55
For DC clients: Choosing a data center 58
Special section: A professional social network for DC market 62
Special section: All-Russian Datacenter Operators Forum 64