02.04.2015 DCJournal.ru staff sums up the recent survey of its readers

In late 2014, DCJournal.ru surveyed its readership to find out their opinion of the journal itself, its contents, headings, and visual design. Its results and our readership's suggestions were taken into account when preparing new issues.

DCJournal.ru staff constantly strives towards improving our publication in accordance with the requests of its active readership. Thanks to readership's suggestions monitoring and analyzing the data received, journal staff can quickly adjust to a current situation, while maintaining a high level of interest towards our publication. In our columns various DC topics are discussed. This journal shows the views of leading experts, demonstrates projects related to developing the engineering infrastructure of data centers, offers solutions to some non-standard problems arising when designing and constructing a data center. The magazine delivers the most interesting info on various data center equipment and its operation processes / components.

Over 300 regular readers were polled. They assessed our journal's content, while noting the most significant headings and materials.

The most interesting headings are Designing a Data Center and Data Center Photo Tour, according to readers. 98 % of our readers make no doubt about the fact that DCJournal.ru collaborates with a high-level market professionals as its authors. Our journal is included to professional literature collections by 95 % of its respondents.

The success of any periodical depends on the relevance of the info published and its conformity with the readers' expectations. We'd like to thank our active readers for participating in this survey. Its results not only demonstrate the strengths of our journal, but also suggest us the direction to move on to make it even more interesting, said Alex Degtyarev, Media Grus publishing house CEO.

We follow strict material selection rules when creating each and every issue of DCJournal.ru to match the current requests and a high level of technical skills of our readers. Polling a focus audience is one of the most effective tools for adjusting our course. We intend to conduct similar surveys in the future, said Natalia Zhilkina, the editor-in-chief of DCJournal.ru.