31.12.2014 Media Grus sums up 2014

The outgoing year 2014 was quite fruitful and rich in the events for CJSC Media Grus. We managed to successfully implement several major projects, while increasing performance in key areas. The first specialized sectorial journal DCJournal.ru covering DC design, construction and operation strengthened its positions. Its readership and subscriber base increased significantly.

Our journal's contents were supplemented by new rubrics. New authors were involved. We also updated its design. Our journal's circulation increased by 20 % and now equals some 5 000 pcs.

In 2014, we launched yet another publishing project by Media Grus. Cloudjrnl.ru is the first specialized journal covering cloud technologies and services in the Russian market. Our journal's goal lies in providing its readers with the latest info on useful cloud services for life, the profitable use of cloud technologies in business and promising cloud projects for investment. Thanks to its topical diversity and enlightening subjects it is of interest not only to a small group of specialists but also to the average reader. A digital version of the DCJournal.ru magazine is in works, as well.

In 2014, DCJournal.ru was an informational partner of more than 30 conferences and forums related to the data center industry. The key events are the following: Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2014), International Exhibition of telecommunications equipment, control systems, information technology and communication services SvyazExpocomm-2014, International Conference Transport Networks & Carrier Cloud Russia 2014, Citrix Mobility Forum 2014, International Forum on Information Technology ITFORUM 2020/Evolution, the 4th International Forum TELECOM NETWORKS 2.0, the 7th Forum All-over-IP Expo 2014, International Conference DatacenterDynamics Converged 2014, Data Center Design & Engineering 2014, Data Center World 2014, the 4th International IT Forum on Cloud Technologies for Business CloudsNN 2014, Peering Forum MSK-IX, National Supercomputer Forum (NSKF 2014), and a number of other important industry events.

Two DataCenter Party events were among the DC industry's brightest and most large-scale. These events implied creating a platform for meetings, business communications and rest for various experts representing the data center industry of Russia and the CIS countries. The first event was held in May. Its participants were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the What? Where? When? game and feel themselves like real TV show participants, while answering questions about data centers prepared by DCJournal.ru staff. The second event took place in December under the motto The Best of the Best. It was held in an atmosphere of James Bond films. DCParties allowed their participants to discuss some Russia- and world-level events related to the data center market in an informal setting, exchange professional info, and make new professional and friendly acquaintances. These events were sponsored by Mastertel Company being one of the largest telecos in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In 2014, CJSC Media Grus launched a new Internet project called AllDC.ru. This website contains the announcements of news by various companies, information on the industry's latest technical solutions, a catalog of data center operators, and other useful information. This project is steadily gaining momentum. Currently, its one of the world's leading professional DC-related platforms. An outdoor industry event for the DC market execs called Data Center Expedition was yet another unique project by CJSC Media Grus. In July, we launched the first expedition to the river Luh in the Vladimir Region. During this expedition its participants could exchange ideas in an informal setting. The second DCExpedition event implied a data center tour in Scandinavia. This time, the participants went on a trip to Finland and Sweden to explore the most famous Scandinavian data centers. They got four days to enjoy a rich in the events tour program covering various data centers and business parks. They also got an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Finland and Sweden. In addition, the participants of our Scandinavian tour got an excellent opportunity to expand and strengthen business ties with a number of other industry professionals involved. Both events were held with the support of Mastertel Company. In 2015, Media Grus plans holding a number of similar trips.

In late 2014, Media Grus company launched a special project DCLady-2014 competition. This competition is held among female execs representing the DC industry for the purpose of attracting the community's attention to the role of women in terms of this industry's development. Nine female execs participated in interviews sharing some interesting info on their professional careers, interests, hobbies, and life values. In December, this competition's first round was closed. Four semifinalists will continue competing to reach the final. In February 2015, the winner of DCLady 2014 will be determined. All the participants of this project's first and second rounds will be awarded gifts, according to the results of voting. Meanwhile, an interview with its winner will be published in the February issue of DCJournal.ru with her photos on its cover.

2014 was a fruitful year for our Company, according to Alex Degtyarev, Media Grus CEO. He pointed out that the company's staff managed to successfully implement a number of the ideas and projects planned. Media Grus showed quite good results and isn't going to rest on its laurels. The audience of DCJournal.ru, AllDC.ru, and TelecomBlogger.ru is constantly growing, which means that the company is on the right track.