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Content of Issue No. 12

Summary: Page
Editorial column: Natalia Zhilkina 3
News 5
Person of the Issue: Mikhail Andreev 6-11
Building an Efficient Data Center: Switching from the Natural Economy to an Ad Hoc Approach 12-16
What has a proper Data Center got to brag about? 17
Risk-free Approach to Cooling 25
From Redundancy Schemes to Saving Reserves 26-27
Cost Saving Budget when Building a Data Center 32-33
Cloud DC Moscow 1 ― the 1st Resident of the Alabushevo Special Economic Zone 34-39
CoolW@ll Cools a Data Center: Ultrahigh Energy Efficiency and Maximum Capacity 44-45
Designing a Hybrid Cooling System 48-55
Climate for Air Conditioners 56-63