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Content of Issue No. 13

Summary: Page
Editorial column: Natalia Zhilkina 3
News 5
Person of the Issue: Igor Dorofeev 6-11
Are Humans a Data Center's Friends or Foes? 12-14
Reducing Energy Bills by Changing Fans 15
Data Center Emergencies: How Critical are they for the Business? 16-17
Stories of Data Center Emergencies 18-22
Data Center by Huawei in a Year 23
Investigating Data Center Emergencies: What Prevents us From Eliminating Downtimes and Avoiding Incidents? 24-28
Corrections of Mistakes 29
Data Center Emergency: Statistics is a Stubborn Thing 30-33
Don't be Hasty to Trust a UPS 34-35
Stories of UPS failures 36-39
Operating Data Centers in Russia Challenges and Prospects 42-44
Comparison of power supply systems for critical data center loads based on diesel generator sets, static and rotary UPSs 48-53
Choosing Domestic Products for a Data Center the Price Factor 54-57
Russian Product: Would there be a Paradigm Shift 58-59
Digital Realty Global Supremacy 60-65
Journal summary 66