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Content of Issue No. 14

Summary: Page
Editorial column: Natalia Zhilkina 3
News 5
Person of the Issue: Michail Salikov 6-9
Free cooling focuses 10-16
Free cooling: global projects practice 17-23
Free-cooling: feasibility estimation 24-27
Free cooling systems accidents 28-30
Trust handling cooling system to professionals 31
Introduction of free cooling: market reasons 32-35
Pavel Gordeev: Customers test the systems in our facility to avoid capacity overpay 36-37
AKADO data center photo excursion 38-41
Questions to expert: Viktor Gavrilov, CTO of AMDtehnologii 42-44
Insurance for SLA 46-47
Some methodological issues of data center space efficient usage 48-49
SuperNAP super data centers by Switch 50-55
Green water-based free cooling 59-61
Seven points of the successful risk management implementation to reduce data center risks 56-58
Journal summary 62