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Pavel Savranskii: Data centers need Russian standards in the field of design, construction and operation 6
Round table Russian market of container and modular data centers: in anticipation of growth 16
Modular data centers as an indicator of economic growth 22
Operation of modular data center: Russian practice 12
Mikhail Salikov: build datacenter in two months? It is not easy, but possible! 26
CDC and MDC: efficiency vs. functionality 24
Container and modular data centers: the experience of the worldwide projects 28
Containerized and modular data centers: what does customer want? 32
New fan on guard data center energy efficiency 36
Cool Internet 37
Linxdatacenter modern realities of the modular data center- 38
StoreData and NETRACK: symbiosis as a profitable business model 44
Servers hostage, or when there is nothing to pay the bills 46
High efficiency of low speed 52
Horrible trivia, or some nuances of operation of data center engineering systems 56
CenturyLink: from the phones to the clouds 60
Editorial column: Igor Kirillov 3
News 5