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Journal Summary

S. Lebedev

The leaders should not be afraid of the green technology

Sergey Lebedev is one of the experienced and skilled technical experts in the Russian data center market and he is always ready to share his experience. We discussed with Mr Lebedev how to organize correctly the data centers operation service, whether the Russian market need the green technologies and what will data centers look like in 50 years.

I. Kirillov

Energy optimization: check your data center

What is the best way to reduce the power consumption of the data center? On the one hand, the answer is easy: it is necessary to optimize the engineering and computing infrastructure. But what should be done first and foremost? Which subsystems will bring the most saves, and which are not worth the effort?

Data centers TCO: operators' point of view

To which aspects do the operators of commercial data centers pay attention regarding the estimation of the TCO? Which methods can reduce the operational costs effectively and what can the operators recommend? We asked these questions to the market experts and data centers representatives.

I. Kirillov

M. Evdokimova

Data center metrics: modern approaches to the efficiency estimation

Nowadays in order to estimate the efficiency of the data center we use a great amount of metrics. But should we trust those popular metrics and use received data properly?

The topical issue of the TCO calculation for Russian data centers

For a long time Russian companies didnt pay much attention to the TCO calculation. But recently the situation has changed for the better thanks to the influence of two factors: the market contraction and relative stability in the economy. How do Russian companies calculate the TCO nowadays and what is needed to cut the costs without serious consequences?

>A. Pavlov

The future of the data center lies beneath the service

Until recently, Russian customers didn't particularly wonder about future operational costs when designing their data center. Situation began to change over the last years but one will need a professional in order to ensure that the calculation was correct and accurate.

S. Belik

MiniDC as an effective Russian solution for digital economy

The growth of the core sectors of the economy is inextricably linked with the progressive implementation of IT-tools, which require a new approach to the organization of the IT-space and quick response to ongoing changes.

The size counts: the bigger a data center, the cheaper it is!

The results of the recent research made by Ponemon Institute under order of Emerson Network Power prove conclusively that the bigger is a data center, the less is his cost of ownership. Despite the analysis appealed to the USA data centers, the conclusions made by the authors of the research can be applied to Russian facilities.

Sharing experiences: how can you upgrade your employees and your companys efficiency

How can one optimize the data centers productivity, improve its efficiency and moreover spend less money? Schneider Electric and its Regional Application Center know the answer to this question.

A. Khonstein (, )

Energy efficient solution for free-cooling

For many years company ebm-papst has been developing high efficiency solutions in the data centers cooling sphere, especially regarding the free-cooling systems. But a compliance of a number of technical points and the usage of most suitable components are required so that these solutions work out with the best value.

I. Nesterov

Attack on the data center: how can you seal off a breach?

Lets imagine a situation when the competitors are planning an attack on a data center of a large scale operator. Their object is to disrupt the companys business or to cope all the critical data. What steps can be taken by the trespassers and how can you protect your data center?

B. Vasilkovsky

Under voltage: proper power distribution in the rack

In order to provide the necessary power supply in the rack the IT-infrastructure needs the PDUs. They can evaluate the energy consumption, set off an alarm in emergency situations and implement commutation.

D. Khamitov

High power density to reduce the TCO

Nowadays experts offer many ideas and recommendations for TCO optimization for data centers. But the topic of the increasing power density in the computer room is not so popular even though the efficiency of such an approach is evident.

A. Suzdaltsev

Managing the data center risks as a regular process

This article presents the common logic of data centers risks management and fundamental methodological aspects of this process.

Expensive break: how not to lose money during the outages

Technical failures and outages happen even in the most state-of-the-mind data centers. But the material losses often become a matter for litigation. How a client can prove hes right and how can a data center be protected from non-points?

D. Gulnazaryan

Adiabatic coolers in the data center as an objective benefit

Many integrators declare implemention of adiabatic cooling systems is impractical when calculating the TCO of the data center. But are they right? Lets learn the ropes.

S. Belik

UPS for data centers: their types and implementation features

Nowadays we use several types of UPS in data centers and each of them has its own features. But regarding the abundance of different specifications it is crucial to understand which parameters should be revised in the first place.

M. Evdokimova

DFT data centers: eleven plus one

In the data center market as in any other market one can grow his business step by step from the very bottom or one can get into the big game in one shot. DuPont Fabros Technology chose the second path.